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About Us

Bromeliad Paradise - Front Benches

Paradise Tropicals Nursery was founded in 2012 in Naples, Florida. It is a home based nursery built on three acres of family property. Relocated from Southern California, Southwest Florida provides a much more hospitable climate, both weather-wise and business-wise.

Bromeliad Paradise - Dock

Paradise Tropicals Nursery specializes in raising bromeliads, plumeria, and other tropicals which are a great fit for the locality because Collier County hosts the largest number of native bromeliads in the United States and the Naples Botanical Garden specializes in cultivating large collections of Bromeliads as well as Plumeria. The Plumeria Society of America chose the Naples Botanical Garden as home for their magnificent collection of over 400 plumeria.

We started the nursery as a hobby because of our love for tropical plants, but as our collection grew and others in the hobby started seeing this extensive collection, interest started growing in acquiring some of our unique plants.